Theater ProgramLive in-person theater is back for children.


Jackson Heights Cast performances
Saturday March 25 @ 2pm & Saturday March 25 @ 5pm

Sunnyside/Woodside performances
Sunday March 26 @2pm & Sunday March 26 @5pm

Final Spring Fee for Oliver! Jr.

Balance of $390 for First Child | $310 for Sibling Child  – scroll down to pay

Oliver! Jr. opens in a Victorian workhouse where the children are always hungry. At the end of the first song “Food, Glorious Food” a brave child named Oliver asks for “some more” which sets this musical on a wild adventure through the streets of London. The children Oliver meets use their wits to survive each day, counting on each other to make it to tomorrow. Oliver! Jr. is a celebration of the resilience of children during hard times.

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