Good words from parents and the press

My 6-year-old son has tried lots of activities: gymnastics, soccer, Tae Kwon Do, art class, and drum lessons, and each time he has started out enthusiastic and ended up resistant and reluctant to go. Unity Stage is the first extracurricular experience that he has absolutely LOVED. On a regular basis, he says, “Mom, I wish it was Tuesday, because that would mean I’d be going to Unity Stage.” I am thrilled he has found something that makes him so happy. Unity Stage is a wonderful self-esteem building community, and being part of a theatrical production builds the same valuable skills you find in sports: discipline, focus, and being a team player. Being part of this group is bringing pure joy to my son and subsequently, to me. I am grateful to have found it.

Ellie D.

Our daughter and son have been involved with Unity Stage for the better part of a decade, and we’ve been delighted with each production, year after year. Both kids have learned so much—about teamwork and timing, confidence and composure, and mostly just how much fun it is to perform with your peers after months and months of practice. We’ve loved being part of the community of parents as well, watching other neighborhood kids blossom and grow into fearless performers. Many heartfelt thanks to Sofia and everyone at Unity Stage for sharing their love of the theater with all of us.

Ellen Morrissey and Colin Kohnhorst

Our daughter Marie, has been part of Unity Stage since she was 6 years old. Other extracurricular activities have come and gone, but Unity Stage has been a constant, year after year. It has opened up a world of music, acting, teamwork and lasting friendships that she cherishes. The young woman in her third “teen show” has come a long way from the 6 year old in “How To Eat Like A Child ” in 2011. MJ’s and Danny’s leadership, guidance and willingness to let the cast have their own creative input is brave and it works. I cannot imagine Marie’s childhood without this experience.

Denise M.

My daughter has grown up with Unity Stage. In addition to learning a love of the stage, she has learned so much more: confidence, collaboration, and a deep respect for the individuality of each of her fellow actor’s gifts. Unity Stage has fostered a supportive sense of family and belonging which is so critical for children who don’t always go to school with their neighbors. Every year, we look forward to seeing the creative development of this special group of caring performers and are rewarded with shows that constantly exceed our grandest expectations.

Cynthia S.

Unity Stage has been an absolute joy in our lives for the past five years. Each year we have seen our son’s confidence and skills grow. My favorite aspect is how he has shown ownership and initiative by learning his lines and practicing his roles on his own. And, of course, the sense of cooperation and collaboration is fantastic. I am always so impressed by how much the creative staff accomplishes with the kids in just one rehearsal a week.

We are so thrilled that our younger son has joined and seems to enjoy it just as much as his big brother. We hope that we will remain a part of the Unity Stage family for many more years.

Jocelyn M.

Our child wasn’t even sure he wanted to be in a local musical theatre group, but he quickly found his place among the enthusiastic bunch at Unity Stage. Under the friendly encouragement and guidance of the talented staff at Unity, he has blossomed into a strong young singer and actor. He has made friends, found support, and he can relax and really be himself – an important environment for a tween boy – Unity Stage has become part of who he is, and is nurturing who he will become.”

Joe K.

This summer my two daughters got to perform in a top-shelf production of Bye Bye, Birdie – at a price that would make any parent envious. What Sofia Geier has brought to our Queens neighborhood is nothing short of a godsend. Her work should be applauded and supported.

Richard Y.

As an art teacher who runs my own visual arts program in Queens, I appreciate and embrace any initiative taken by artists to bring more culture, art, and entertainment to the community. Hearing about Unity Stage I jumped on the opportunity to send both my kids to attend the program. The feedback from the kids was great! They thoroughly enjoyed it and their final performance was fantastic!!! I think that Unity Stage is a community organization that should be fully supported.

Deborah W.

“The amount of talent in that cozy basement venue in Sunnyside puts to shame a lot of things getting more attention in more commercial venues. A hilarious and very human evening of theatrical fun.”

Jeff Trachtman
Park Slope, Figgy Pudding Short Play Fest

“The production of Museum was a really exciting evening in the theater. The crafty use of an actual gallery setting brought a wonderful sense of “being there” to the production, and the performances were spectacular. I have seen performances of other classics by Unity and marvel at how an operation with limited resources can produce such satisfying productions. Friends who came with me were also extremely impressed.”

Dale Burg
Writer, Museum by Tina Howe @ LIC Arts Open

“A shining grassroots theater.”


“Sofia Geier, Artistic Director of Unity Stage Company, has a knack .. and perhaps even an appetite, for working with circumstance. I rue the day she finds a permanent venue, because she’s been ingenious in finding locales that accentuate her productions. And in the case of Museum, the symbiosis is magnificent.”

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