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Pre-teen Edwina turns her talent for advice-giving into
a show-within-a-show starring her zany neighborhood
pals. A hit Off-Broadway in 2010, the hilarious and touching
musical, "Dear Edwina Jr." includes lots of funny roles for everyone.

OUR PROGRAMSActing for Children,
Tweens, and Teens

Annual musical theater productions based in Queens, NY

“Unity Stage is a wonderful self-esteem building community, and being part of a theatrical production builds the same valuable skills you find in sports: discipline, focus, and being a team player. Being part of this group is bringing pure joy to my son and subsequently, to me. I am grateful to have found it.”

Ellie D.

My daughter has grown up with Unity Stage. In addition to learning a love of the stage, she has learned so much more: confidence, collaboration, and a deep respect for the individuality of each of her fellow actor’s gifts.

Cynthia S.

“Unity Stage has been an absolute joy in our lives for the past five years. Each year we have seen our son’s confidence and skills grow. My favorite aspect is how he has shown ownership and initiative by learning his lines and practicing his roles on his own.”

Jocelyn M.

“Hearing about Unity Stage I jumped on the opportunity to send both my kids to attend the program. The feedback from the kids was great! They thoroughly enjoyed it and their final performance was fantastic!!! I think that Unity Stage is a community organization that should be fully supported.”

Deborah W.

“Our daughter Marie, has been part of Unity Stage since she was 6 years old. Other extracurricular activities have come and gone, but Unity Stage has been a constant, year after year. It has opened up a world of music, acting, teamwork and lasting friendships that she cherishes.”

Denise M.
Children's musical theater
Founded in the fall of 2009, Unity Stage Company serves the communities of Western Queens with its performing arts programs for children. Unity Stage Company is a creative home for diverse theater artists and theater lovers of all ages to explore the values that shape our changing world, as expressed through writing and performance. Unity Stage Company is a non-profit organization.
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